Home Buying and that Nasty Oil Tank Abandonment

Buying a home or choosing a site for a business means lots of planning. Any potential home or business site needs to be carefully inspected. One issue that has become increasingly important in recent years is the possibility that an oil tank may be buried somewhere on the property. Tanks holding oil were typically buried underground. It is important for any property owner to conduct an oil tank sweep with the help of oil tank removal companies Westchester NY. If an oil tank is found on the property can create all sorts of terrible problems. Should an oil tank be located, a homeowner or business owner needs to work with company that specializes in oil tank abandonment in Westchester NY to determine what is the necessary next step.

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Finding an Oil Tank

Many home and business owners have become increasingly aware of the possibility of finding oil tanks in the last few years. Oil tanks were used to hold heating oil. They are usually found on properties constructed roughly from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. Since that time, many homeowners have understandably chosen to upgrade the space and use central heating instead. However, buyers may not be aware there is an oil tank on the property. Even sellers may not know they have one on their property before selling it. A homeowner or business owner should work with oil tank removal companies Westchester NY to find out if there’s an oil tank on a property. A quick, efficient oil tank sweep can easily determine if an oil tank exists anywhere.

Oil Tanks Can Cause Huge Problems

Oil tanks can cause all kinds of serious problems. An oil tank may leak. If the oil tank leaks, it can contaminate the property owner’s soil. Even worse, the leak may spread to another person’s property. Oil is very hard to remove from the soil. Removing it can be extremely expensive. Should any oil in the tank contaminate any neighboring property, the home or business owner can even be held liable for damages on a neighboring property. Unfortunately, oil tank abandonment Westchester NY can be a serious problem. Many homeowners and business owners have purchased property in the past not knowing about this issue.

If a Tank is Discovered

If an oil tank is found, oil tank removal Westchester NY may be necessary. Removing the oil tank has many advantages. A company that can do oil tank removal Westchester NY makes it possible for the home or business owner to totally get rid of the tank. It’s best to have oil tank removal Westchester NY done before a home or piece of business property is put on the market. Oil tank abandonment Westchester NY is quite common. A former owner of the property may have known about the issue and simply chosen not to disclose it. In previous years, oil tank abandonment Westchester NY was not thought to be a problem. However, today authorities and homeowners know better. They know that there is an issue with oil tank abandonment Westchester NY, it needs to be remedied as soon as possible.

The Removal Process

Some home and business owners are finding that they have more than one tank on their property. A property may have multi-family housing on it. Each tenant may have had their own oil tank. In most cases, however, there is a single oil tank on the property. In that instance, oil tank removal Westchester NY can begin. A specialist can come to the property and determine what needs to be done. The goal is to make sure the tank does not pose a danger to the property or to any nearby properties. It is vitally important to hire a professional company before anything is done.

Modern Methods of Removal

The previous method of oil tank removal was to simply remove the oil from the tank and then fill it with sand. However, this method was a problem because the oil tank was still on the property. Modern methods focus on oil tank replacement Westchester NY instead. Removing the tank from the ground makes sure that it will never, ever pose a hazard or cause leaks. A professional specialist can do oil tank replacement Westchester NY fast. The process of oil tank replacement Westchester NY begins by excavating the tank from the ground. Then the company fills the hole left behind so that can support any further use. The oil tank replacement Westchester NY process also includes additional steps designed to further make sure no damage remains to the property. The old oil tank will be disposed of properly in accordance with all necessary environmental regulations. The net result is a property that is free from any potential damage and ready to be put on the market.