The Art Of Foundation Repair & Fixing Cracks on Long Island

The art of foundation repair and fixing cracks in concrete is a process that many homeowners with basic DIY skills can take on; it’s also one that can save the life of the concrete. Whether you choose to do your own foundation repair in Long Island, or choose to hire a professional, it’s always nice to understand the process.

Foundation Repair on Long Island
Foundation Repair on Long Island

Cracks in concrete often arise simply because of the nature of concrete itself. Concrete is comprised of water, cement, gravel, and sand. It is poured to fit specifications, and then cured into place. The process of curing involves evaporation of the water, which can inherently lead to very small cracks. A shifting ground or a settling house will lead to larger cracks over time. These can threaten the building’s integrity in some cases, and can allow entry for gas, insects, and dangerous water. There is a simple way to fix a foundation crack repair in the Long Island area yourself, just by following the process below.

If you are a homeowner in New York who is in need of a foundation repair in Long Island, you can call a professional or simply investigate the crack to gauge whether you may want to take it on yourself. The first step in the process is to inspect it; particularly noting if the wall has moved. If so, it’s best to call an expert.

To prepare the crack, be sure that it is dry, or dry it with a hairdryer. Remove all loose material, debris, and dust using a sharp object and a stiff brush. You can also use a chisel to widen the crack, to create more surface area for adhesion. You may need to use a hose to rinse the dust out, and then dry the crack again. To begin the next step in foundation crack repair, Long Island homeowners have a few options.

For hairline cracks, a homeowner can utilize vinyl concrete patching compound. Following the instructions on the label, an old paintbrush can be used to work the substance into the cracks. A cement mixture can be used as a substitute. After ensuring that the mixture is packed firmly into the crack, use a putty knife to remove any excess.

To fix larger cracks in a foundation repair Long Island DIY-ers can use latex concrete caulk, silicone, or Polyurethane in the same basic method as for a small crack. A caulking gun is a handy tool for larger cracks, again used in conjunction with a putty knife. Larger cracks may require foam backer rods inserted into the crack before any substance or mixture, to create a filling that has more integrity.

Foundation crack repair in Long Island is made simple with help from the pros. Whether you choose to call a professional out to fix your problem, or to tackle it yourself, it’s always best to get advice from the experts.